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The chair lift

the stairway to heaven

Welcome to Monte Solaro, a hidden treasure on the island of Capri! This enchanting place is accessible via an old-fashioned chairlift that will gently lull you on a unique journey through breathtaking views.

The Panoramas

A natural stage

Explore the enchanting magic of Monte Solaro, the most evocative natural stage on Capri. Admire the majesty of the stacks and the wonders of the island with a 360° view. Welcome to the essence of nature's beauty.


Sea breeze and natural fragrances

We are waiting for you to experience the enchantment of nature that characterizes and surrounds Monte Solaro. Breathe
all the enveloping scents that this place can offer: a sensorial journey among the aromas of the sea,
the breeze and the wild essences.


Delights that embrace the horizon

Savor the taste at Monte Solaro and live a unique culinary experience. From the Mediterranean flavors of our restaurant to the delights of the bistro and champagne bar: a gastronomic journey between nature and tradition in a wonderful setting with an unparalleled panorama.


Creating memories between sky and sea

A natural scenography with a thousand nuances, perfect for bringing your most significant events to life. Monte Solaro offers a suggestive setting, providing an unforgettable setting for every occasion to remember.

Champagne shop

the terrace of Monte Solaro

A selection of Champagnes to be enjoyed suspended between heaven and earth on our terrace, surrounded by the magic of an unparalleled view

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Mount Solaro

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Mount Solaro