This natural treasure chest offers a symphony of enveloping scents and breathtaking views that capture the soul.

Monte Solaro guides you through a unique sensory journey. The fresh sea breeze, the scents wildflowers and lush greenery create an intoxicating experience for your senses. Discover the enchantment of Monte Solaro, where nature reveals itself in all its beauty and scents they envelop every step of your journey. An experience that connects you with the earth and envelops you in a fragrant embrace, making your time here a sensorial ritual in the evocative setting of the island of Capri.


in Monte Solaro

Discover the thrill of walking along the paths, a fascinating alternative to the chairlift.
Immerse yourself inevitably in nature, letting yourself be enveloped by the beauty of the landscapes and
dedicating yourself to observing the local flora and fauna. Capri and, in particular, Monte
Solaro, host a unique ecosystem, with hardly any species of plants and animals
admirable elsewhere, including the famous Blue Lizard.

A valuable piece of advice? Start the adventure with the chairlift, enjoy the time spent
to the summit of the mountain and then descend on foot. This way, you can fill up on
emotions and experiences, letting yourself be completely enveloped by the magic of nature and
of its unique biodiversity.


Recommended and most fascinating trails

The recommended and most fascinating trails are:

• from Anacapri to Monte Solaro

• from Monte Solaro to the Cetrella Hermitage

• from Monte Solaro to Migliera

• from Monte Solaro to Passetiello

• from Monte Solaro to Anginola (challenging route for experts with sections of climbing with chains)