The beginnings

of Monte Solaro

In the 1950s, the engineer Francesco Uliscia and his wife, during an excursion on the island, they discovered the majestic peak that would give life to Monte Solaro. There extraordinary beauty of the place struck them so deeply that they decided to make this corner of paradise accessible to all. The choice was oriented towards the creation of a ski lift with a single-seater chairlift.

Since then, over the years, the plant has been modernized and updated, always guaranteeing the most rigorous safety standards. However, despite the technological interventions, its external appearance has managed to preserve intact that vintage charm that characterizes some unique places on Capri. This ski lift, born from a visionary idea, has become the perfect means to allow anyone to enjoy the extraordinary panoramic view offered by Monte Solaro.


The birth of Monte Solaro inspired the creation of "La Canzone del Cielo", the historic restaurant located in this extraordinary place. A union between past and present, where historical references and the vision of Francesco Uliscia mix with the modern gastronomic experience, offering visitors an unforgettable break in one of the most fascinating places on Capri.