a natural stage

The terrace

a breathtaking show

A timeless experience in the heart of Capri's natural beauty: Monte Solaro. This natural stage offers breathtaking 360° views, revealing the majesty of the stacks and the wonders of the island. Enter the enveloping essence of the beauty of nature, where every corner offers a unique spectacle.

the sunsets

in Monte Solaro

Considered one of the most fascinating natural spectacles of Capri, the sunset on Monte Solaro
transform this terrace into a special place. Admired by visitors from all over the world
world, nature enthusiasts and lovers of uncontaminated spaces, the sunset of Monte Solaro
it is one of the essential experiences on the blue island.

Monte Solaro, also known as the "Terrace of Capri", offers a breathtaking view to the
sunset, with a panoramic view that embraces the Gulf of Naples and the surrounding islands. A
extraordinary event to experience during your visit to Capri, making every moment spent here
an experience surrounded by the emotion of uncontaminated nature.